Bike Routes

Project EuroVelo Visualization

  1. Programmed Design/ Language
  2. 2. Semester Summer 2018

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Concept Transitions

Alongside the sketches I drew, I created simple animations in Keynote. Those served in the further course of my programming as an orientation for the transitions.

First Ideas

Bike Roads Copenhagen
Excellent road network
Bike Roads Berlin
Improvable built out
Bike Roads Europe
Based on previous sketches I transferred the idea that just the bike road network is able to indicate regions. There is no need for countries borders.

Data Collection

Creating databases
I collected the whole data by hand because there are no data sets available. Therefore I search for every city which is on the one of the routes. Afterwards I researched their coordinates and geographic location.

Website Setup

Page sketches
The demand was to program a web-application. During the design process I later switched from four main screens to three screens.


  1. Conduct: Michael Ognew & Fabian Rauch
  2. Lennart Westendorf

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