Project Airport Logistics

  1. Interactive Communication Systems
  2. 2. Semester Summer 2018

The Adaption

Basically you control the application with a pc mouse or touchpad. There is no need for a keyboard. It is applicable at the entrance of an airport. Buildings and vehicles are based on the airport of Frankfurt.
Highlighting areas
While the cursor is hovering over a certain area on the home page, logistic stations are highlighted. In general blue stands for suitcase stations and yellow for cargo stations. Try it yourself!

Ways Of Transportation

The Idea For The Setup

Inspiration for the idea
After we did some research to get a rough overview of the airport and how they operate, we decided to go with a modular setup.


Structure behind procedures
Based on the information we collected, we created a structure tree. The procedures we came up with are realistic, but more simple.

Way Of Suitcases

Transitions between stations
Because of the coherent video clips the way of suitcases is virtually easy to understand. On top you can see the first station.
Info display
Every station has its own screen. On each of those screens is a short explanation text.

Way Of Cargo

Easy navigation
For easy navigation purposes we designed each screen so that you are able to jump to the previous screen at any time.
Animation during transitions
To create a more dynamic and exciting experience we animated short clips. Between two screens is one animation. For that we used Cinema 4D and Adobe Mixamo.

Sketches For Modelling


  1. Conduct: Fabian Schröbel