Re-Design Panasonic
Image App
The remote control in your pocket

Project App-Redesign

  1. Application Design
  2. 3. Semester Winter 2018

Die drei Hauptscreens

Three Main Screens

nominal range
settings area

The Categories

Switching fields
Horizontally there are only three areas which make the application compact and clear. Via swipe to left or right its easy to switch between the areas. The fields are: settings, home and library.


Startup procedure
Screen for the initial start-up
Segmentation in photo, video and advanced settings
On this screen you are able to take photos and videos
Collection of every image or video.



01 Scenario remote control
Thanks to the remote control you are able to shoot from a save distance. Unique wild photography is possible. Furthermore you can place your camera where ever you want and shoot from a dry and cozy place.


02 Easy data access
Another advantages is that you don’t have to plug SD-Cards in and out - every time you want to download your footage. Just download via app.


03 Convenient usage
Last but not least you don’t have to prostrate every time you take a photo. With the app you can pose in the most comfortable way for you.

The Structure

Structure tree
After we wrote down every function of the application we sorted them and made a structure with all the important functions we would like to use for the Re-Design as well.
As the screens were designed, we linked them with an overflow. Thereby we could test every connection between them (the screens). In this case it was a prototype as well.

Design Principles