Project Intu

  1. Invention Design
  2. 3. Semester Winter 2018

Four Salient Points

Via VR glasses you are able to experience companies, just like you were there in person. Adept the true work environment - no matter where you at. Whether you are at home on a couch, expositions, or whencever.
You can choose a professional field you like best. Intu gives you the opportunity for new insights in a lot of different professional field. Exciting details are guaranteed.
The third salient point is that all the videos are actual live streams. In real time you are able to experience the shadowing at close quarters. Furthermore you will watch it together with other interested parties.
With our live chat you can ask questions at any time. There is always one moderator, who loves to ask the commonest chat-questions vicarious for you.

The Setup

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Cloud Streaming

Shadowing Procedure

Structure of the procedure
Before we were able to display or structure the whole procedure we went through different scenarios. For that we sketched them.


Map of structure
During the project we joined the dots between different points. The result was a well-structured overview.


Project Intu
The main goal is to experience a shadowing via VR glasses with no need to drive hours to your favorite company. The concept tries to make it easier to find professions - which fit to you.
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  1. Conduct: Prof. Jörg Beck & Prof. Dr. Ulrich Barnhöfer

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