Project Operating System Unox

  1. Interface Design
  2. 2. Semester Summer 2018

Example Screens

Work Process

Structure tree
First of all we predefined the scope of our project. Not just for this purpose we created a structure tree but also to identify possible procedures.

Setup Sketches

Startup procedures sketches
After we took a look at existing operating systems for game consoles, we discussed about how the setup procedures for our console could look like.

The Controls

There was a given limitation of six physical control buttons. This is our navigation concept we came up with.
Wireframe sketch
The most used site of the operating system is the main screen. Above is a sketch of that.

Digital User Interfaces

Digital wireframe
We built wireframes in sketch and tried to find our design language.

Structural Implementation

Screen sequences
We built a rough screen flow in sketch. With this kind of overview we could test further procedures.


  1. Conduct: Thomas Techert

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